Intent and Implementation

At Town Field Primary School through delivering the National Curriculum, we believe that studying art and its place in history is the key to opening up children’s imagination and creativity. We aim to support our community in discussing and practicing art to help us to understand why artists are driven to make sometimes beautiful, usually thoughtful, often challenging bold artworks. We will support our children by encouraging inventive curiosity also which will help to inform and make links between other curriculum areas and aspects of school life. We know that children who have the freedom to express themselves will show an eagerness to learn about the world that they live in. We aim to provide our children with the opportunity to become great artists and to find success in any future career they choose by drawing from their creativity and imagination. This is why we want to inspire our children to always think creatively and to challenge themselves. We will provide the environment, materials and encouragement to ensure that our children can:

  • show progression through the study stages of school by experimenting with texture, pattern, colour, space, mark forming and shape moulding through drawing painting, sculpture and digital technology
  • record experiments in a sketchbook, revisit skills and build upon them for future studies
  • allow further opportunities to practice and expand their skills in an after school art club
  • safely explore a wide range of materials and tools in order to gradually advance towards authentic and original personal artworks
  • discuss what tools, approaches and motivations good artists use in their work by investigating historical and cultural books, websites, films and texts so that children can link this to their own work
  • learn about the history of art styles and movements from early history to present times
  • explain how art comes from their observations, experiences and imagination
  • critically vocalise one another’s achievements, ideas, and the practices in group discussions
  • have the opportunity to experience art outside the classroom through a gallery visit or to work with an artist
  • display their artwork at school and a gallery to share their achievements with other children, parents and wider community


We will analyse our progress to ensure that we deliver a high level of art education. Our teachers, teaching assistants and staff will have regular opportunities for reflection and progression through support and scaffolding from senior and subject leaders.

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