Intent and Implementation

At Town Field Primary, we intend for all our children to grown into responsible, well-rounded citizens who will have a positive role in society.  Our carefully mapped curriculum is tailored to the needs of our children and will provide them with the skills needed to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Knowledge and skills build progressively throughout school and are structured around overarching questions for each term or half term. These begin in Key Stage 1 as ‘What? and ‘Who?’’ questions and develop throughout Key Stage 2 to asking ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ to further deepen thinking.

Our approach aims to develop the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community. Learning is made purposeful for pupils and connections are made to their own lives, cultures and backgrounds, as well as tolerance and understanding of others. Children’s learning is enriched through strong community links with external visits from the school nurse and road safety personnel alongside visits to Crucial Crew and themed days around mental health and well-being. We also benefit from a comprehensive programme delivered by Big Talk, which covers the RSHE curriculum in ways that are accessible and age-appropriate.

Continuing professional development amongst staff is vital in ensuring our Intent is implemented fully. As such, needs are ascertained through timely monitoring and evaluation processes and acted upon as required. This ensures coverage is in line with the RSHE statutory guidance, which is evident in our curriculum overview and coverage documentation.

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