Intent and Implementation

The governors, staff and children at Town Field Primary believe that science should be an exciting, engaging subject where children are challenged by a broad, well-resourced curriculum.  During science lessons, children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and answer them through experimentation, investigation and enquiry.  Children are able to confidently adopt the language of science to explain the concepts they have investigated and make links within and beyond their science lessons. 

We aim for all our children to: 

  • Be enthusiastic about science 
  • Take part in enquiry-based lessons 
  • Be curious, ask questions and make links 
  • Speak confidently about science 
  • Use resources to investigate 
  • Have lots of science experiences 
  • To understand the importance of science and how it can improve lives 

Our curriculum follows the semi-spiracle structure of the National Curriculum with units carefully placed across years and phases to ensure that children have opportunities to revisit and develop key scientific concepts within and across science and other foundation units.  Our practical and probing approach to science ensures removes barriers so all children are able to engage and develop their conceptual understanding. We use a range of methods to allow children to demonstrate their learning which allows probing and accurate assessment judgements to inform the next steps of learning. 


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