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Please do click on the links below to find out more about what governors do and how they contribute to the strategic direction and vision for the school and the pupils who attend.

Name of Chair

Date of appointment

Date of Resignation

Vicki Harper-Ward

05.10.2021 N/A

Name of Vice Chair

Date of appointment

Date of Resignation

Jeremy Johnson 01.09.2018 N/A

Chair of Governors: Vicki Harper-Ward, 01302 368192

Vice Chair of Governors: Jeremy Johnson, 01302 368192

Please click on the following link to read about our Governing Body pledge on mental health and wellbeing: Click here to read our Governor Pledge on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Local Governing Body


Appointed by:

(Governor Board, Elected by school staff, Elected by parents)

Category of Governor

(Governor, Staff, parent)


Term of Office From

Term of Office To

Date of Resignation

Vicki Harper-Ward Governor Board Chair of Governors 05/10/2021  10/04/2025  
Jeremy Johnson Governor Board Vice Chair of Governors 09/01/2022 31/08/2026  
Helena Honeybone Ex-Officio Headteacher N/A N/A  
Emma Cooke Governor Board Governor 10/05/2021 10/04/2025  
Sian Derry Parents Parent Governor 26/10/2022 25/10/2026  
Michelle Martin Parents Parent Governor 26/10/2022 25/10/2026  
Amy Thomas Governor Board Governor 25/05/2021 24/05/2025  
Emma Ellwood Staff Staff Governor 11/01/2022 31/10/2026  
Abdul Majid Governor Board Governor 10/11/2022 10/10/2026  
Philip Sheppard Parents Parent Governor 18/10/2022 17/10/2026  

Governors who have resigned over the last 12 months


Appointed by

Category of Governor

Term of Office From

Term of Office To

Date of Resignation

Kev Morrow Governor Board Parent Governor 18/10/2022 17/10/2026 01/11/2023

Declarations of Interest (to include governance roles in other educational institutions).


Date confirmed on GovernorHub




(i.e., Director, employee, governor)




Helena Honeybone

08/10/2023 Lakeside Primary Academy Governor      

Victoria Harper-Ward

24/09/2023 Friends of Town Field Primary Trustee      
Jeremy Johnson 09/10/2023 Wheatley Area Community Partnership Director      
Michelle Martin 13/11/2023 Townfield Primary Relative Spouse is employee at Town Field Primary    
Abdul Majid 09/10/2023 Townfield Primary Relative Relative is employee at Townfield Primary    
Phillip Sheppard 10/11/2023 National Literary Trust Charity Project Manager Project Manager Doncaster Stories - Part of National Literacy Trust Charity    

Attendance Record 2023-24





Apologies Accepted


Apologies not accepted


Apologies not sent


Not required


Full Governing Board Academic Year 2023-24:

Governors invited




Meetings Attended 

Out of a possible

Helena Honeybone Y       3
Vicki Harper-Ward Y       3
Jeremy Johnson Y       3
Emma Ellwood Y       3
Amy Thomas Y       3
Abdul Majid Y       3
Emma Cooke Y       3
Michelle Martin Y       3
Sian Derry Y       3
Phil Sheppard Y       3


Finance/Audit and Risk Meeting 2023-24

Governors invited



Meetings Attended

Out of a possible

Helena Honeybone       2
Vicki Harper-Ward       2
Jeremy Johnson       2
Emma Ellwood       2
Abdul Majid       2
Michelle Martin       2
Amy Thomas       2


Pay Committee Meeting 2023-24

Governors invited

Date of Meeting

Meetings Attended

Out of a possible

Helena Honeybone 3.11.24 1 1
Vicki Harper-Ward 3.11.24 1 1
Jeremy Johnson 3.11.24 1 1
Rebecca Wilkinson (clerk) 3.11.24 1 1



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For more information about Governance and Finance at The Rose Learning Trust click the links below: 

Governance - The Rose Learning Trust

Finance - The Rose Learning Trust

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