Intent and Implementation

The governors, staff and children at Town Field Primary believe that being a confident writer is a crucial part of becoming a confident communicator, both within and beyond school. During writing lessons, children are supported to express their ideas, write for real purposes and for real audiences, thus enabling them to realise the value in having a voice and something to say. This begins with our youngest children in nursery through to year 6. Real life experiences, high-quality texts and wider curriculum learning provide the stimulus to write. We approach writing tasks in a structured way, following the Town Field writing sequence which draws together the different elements of the national curriculum. Through this sequence, pupils are given the opportunity to explore ideas and learn the specific skills required to achieve an intended outcome. Writing is a collaborative process where pupils build confidence by writing alongside their teachers and peers before progressing to independent writing. Pupils take ownership of developing their writing through revision and editing processes, facilitated through effective teacher and peer assessment and feedback. This structured approach is responsive to pupil need and ensures all pupils are appropriately challenged and able to make progress. Pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding of the core purposes for writing through a curriculum that is sequenced to enable progression and application. Teachers’ assessment of pupils’ writing is rooted in national curriculum objectives and runs alongside secure moderation processes to ensure assessment is rigorous enables pupils to move forward with their learning. Pupils are supported to learn the language of grammar and writing to enable them to discuss and celebrate their writing and reflect on the progress they have made.

We aim for all our children to:

· Be enthusiastic about writing and see themselves as a writer

· Be confident to write for a range of audiences and purpose

· Be able to write confidently and fluently

· Produce writing outcomes they are proud of and can celebrate within and beyond the school community

· Have something to say and the tools to communicate it

· Have enriching real-life experiences to motivate writing

To understand the importance of writing within wider learning and life


The Writing Sequence

At Town Field, successful writing outcomes are achieved by following a structured process. Through this process, responsibility for writing is transferred to the pupilviathe application of a range of writing strategies. The key components of this process are:

writing process(1).png

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