Latin – the benefits are ‘bona fide’

Intent and Implementation

When our children enter Year 5 at Town Field, they undertake an intensive two-year programme of Classics education which focuses primarily on the Latin language. We use the well established Minimus Scheme across Years 5 and 6  (further information available here - Minimus Scheme). 

We are supported in our Classics education programme by the charity Classics For All.  We believe that learning Latin gives our children a strong foundation to confidently study a wide range of other languages when they move to secondary schools across the borough. The study of Latin also supports children's understanding of English and, in particular, grammar and etymology (the study of the origins and historical development of words).

Latin is a methodical language, formulae and rules govern the use of nouns, verbs and other types of words. This rigorous approach to word level and sentence level linguistic competency builds a strong foundation for literacy across the curriculum. In particular, Latin is a language which unlocks a world of vocabulary, etymology, and deeper meaning since around 60% of English words come directly from Latin roots. There is scope to integrate the learning of Latin and the KS2 spelling list, helping anchor knowledge of spelling and meaning in a wider linguistic context.

Our language curriculum has at least the scope of the National curriculum and aims to give pupils both a secure foundation knowledge of the Latin language and a taster of some of the ‘best bits’ of culture from Ancient Greece and Rome. Children develop their cultural literacy which, in turn, enriches their understanding of the contemporary world.

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