Intent and Implementation

At Town Field Primary we aim to inspire our children to become inquisitive and passionate geographers, equipped with skills that enable them to develop coherent knowledge and understanding of the world.

In delivering the National Curriculum, we focus on a need to build powerful knowledge over time through regular retrieval and rehearsal of key geographical skills, within the context of new and rich knowledge. We hope that this approach will enable our children to retain key information long term, which they are able to draw upon to develop an understanding of the world around them.

Clarity of fundamental knowledge for each topic ensures focused learning outcomes, which contribute to children’s locational knowledge of places around the world as well as human and physical features and processes. Key knowledge is shared regularly with children, as well as families, in order that children become fluent in their ability to recall and make sense of key information within their overall understanding of the world.

Strong emphasis is placed upon the quality of texts used when investigating lines of geographical enquiry, in order that children appreciate the importance of fluency and comprehension when reading as a tool to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, where writing is used as a vehicle to communicate learning outcomes, high standards of written English and presentation are expected, and addressed accordingly in written feedback.

As geographers, we encourage children to take an inquisitive approach to their learning where an in-depth understanding is gained through geographical enquiry in order to learn about key concepts and skills. Vertical enactment of key aspects through school promotes children’s ability to compare and contrast locations around the world and become passionate about geographical issues and their role in society as responsible citizens. Challenge is present in ambitious lines of enquiry, which deepen learning and allow children to move swiftly on in response to individual need.

Our robust pedagogy places value on quality lived, daily learning experiences for all children, enhanced by educational visits, visitors in school and use of quality sources matched to our children’s needs, which maximise opportunities for cultural capital. In addition, all year groups within key stage 1 and 2 embark upon studies linked to our local area, enabling children to forge meaningful connections and comparisons between their local area and locations around the world.

Continuing professional development amongst staff is vital in ensuring our Intent is implemented fully. As such, needs are ascertained through timely monitoring and evaluation processes and acted upon as required.

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