British Values


Children at Town Field Primary have been thinking about new laws that they would like to see in our country.

- Everybody should have the same amount of money.

- Always cross on the green man so we are safe.

- We should be responsible for sending boats out into the seas to clean the plastic and all the rubbish.

- Always be good, nice, happy and careful.

- Show respect to everyone always.

- Restrictions travelling to school to support global warming and environment. Only use your car a certain amount of times a week.

- Share money across the world to help others

- Stop all discrimination!

- Stop all deforestation!

- Smoking should be banned so people who don't smoke are at less risk of cancer and to save money for the NHS.

- Swearing and bad language should be made illegal because words can hurt for longer than actually hurting someone.

- Everyone (including children) should receive a basic payment so that everyone has enough money to eat, keep warm and buy essential things like school shoes.

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