Town Field Primary School

'Learning How To Fly Together'

Thorne Rd, Doncaster DN1 2JS

01302 368192

Thorne Rd, Doncaster DN1 2JS

01302 368192

Values & Ethos


A richly diverse and inclusive community, where all children are immersed in a love of learning and succeed in mind, body and spirit


- We aim for all our children to:

- Become highly motivated lifelong learners

- Be flexible and adaptable for the modern world

- Develop lively enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity

- Have self-confidence and high self-esteem

- Respect and value themselves, others and the environment

- Be able to work independently and collaboratively

- Achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum

- Challenge themselves to do well

- Develop their creativity and unlock their creative potential

- Be confident 'word rich' communicators

- Be able to enjoy school and make friends

The Town Field 10 Skills for Life & Learning are at the heart of everything we do!

TF10 Quotes from our children & adults:

1. Challenge Yourself - we want our children to push themselves to the limit. 

"I try my best in every subject & always try to push myself to be the best I can be" - Year 3 pupil

2. Take Care of Ourselves-Physical & mental wellbeing is important to everyone-we want our children to be proud of who they are & to ensure that they look after themselves to the highest possible standards.

"We are active in school & this makes me happy! I try to be healthy every day!" - Year 1 pupil

3. Respect - If we don't have this we have nothing. We want the children of Town Field to care for one another, understand one another & be there to support each other. 

"At our school, we look out for one another & we treat everyone the same, we want to be friends & help each other" - Year 4 pupil

 4. Creative Thinking - the broad & balanced curriculum at Town Field gives us this in abundance - through art, music & sport we can express ourselves & release our potential

"Expressing yourself creatively is fun! There are no right or wrongs!" - Year 6 pupil

5. Keep Trying:"Don't give up just because of what people said-use it as motivation to push harder!" - Mrs Raven

6. Manage Feelings - at Town Field every day will challenge us-how we deal with success, how we deal with disappointment, how we deal with the ever changing world is a sill that will set us up for life.

"This helps us keep everybody safe in school" - Year 2 pupil

7. Confident Communicator - to express ourselves is one of our greatest gifts-to hold conversation, to meet new friends, to show interest & above all to form relationships is a gift that we want to pass onto all children here at our school

"This skill fills me with confidence & I get better the more I do it. It makes me stronger" - Year 2 pupil

8. Problem Solving-Here at Town Field we equip all our children with the courage & abilities to make successes out of all the problems they face both academically & socially, now & in the future.

"This skill helps you on your journey to become a better adult" - Year 2 pupil

9. Teamwork - we want children at Town Field to have a strong teamwork ethos. Together everyone achieves more. Role in those teams are respected & understood.

"Without this skill it is harder to be successful" - Year 5 pupil

10. Reflect & Correct - we all make mistakes-either socially or academically-it's how we learn from them that defines us.