‘Learning How to Fly Together’.

These words truly encompass our ambition for our curriculum at Town Field Primary. As a large, vibrant, culturally and socially diverse learning community, we recognise the importance of our locality and ensure that learning is purposeful and resonates with each unique individual.

Our strong inclusive ethos ensures that opportunities are for ‘all’ and that each child is nurtured, celebrated and recognised.

We aim for all children to develop carefully sequenced key skills, knowledge and understanding to support an aspirational life-long journey of learning and discovery.

We aim for children’s learning to be submerged in context rich opportunities that will enable them, year on year to build knowledge, confidence and understanding of the world we live in.

Our curriculum provides vocabulary rich opportunities to develop and extend children’s language, supporting in the creation of truly ‘confident communicators’.

Our Town Field 10 skills are fundamental to our intent, promoting positive attitudes, developing rounded individuals and educated citizens and promoting responsibility for learning and future success.

We aim to promote a culture of creative, critical thinkers who are tolerant and inclusive of others and show true ‘respect’.

The Town Field curriculum intends to provide all within it the ambition, desire and skills to be successful citizens – now and in the future, on the corridor, in the town, in the wider world.

Town Field Primary School

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